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Case Study #1

The Project:
Iprole was asked to review a small project covering forty-two stores in eighteen states, that involved the removal, reset, and installation of various new shelf components as part of a new-line product launch. The critical issue for this project was the time sensitivity of the rollout. Our initial window for completing the transition was fourteen days.

The Challenges:
We actively reviewed the project as it was originally proposed to us, and formulated a tentative schedule for implementation. After the initial process was complete, we were asked to change the schedule three additional times for various reasons, including the implementation of black out dates, 6-day work weeks, and store directed time restrictions. With less than a week to begin, we revamped the schedule to meet their needs.

The Plan:
A team of Iprole installers met the client at the site of the first proto-type store and conducted the initial install. With the clients' assistance and input, we tested and developed the most effective process for implementing the rollout to assure accurate and timely completion. As with all rollouts, we created a comprehensive set of installation instructions that we sent out to each of the installers scheduled to be involved in the conversion.

The Process:
After our project managers completed the task of scheduling stores, creating store sign-offs, and various travel-related issues, we kicked off the project per our final plan. Each store in the rollout was visited either before the store opened, or after the store closed. We completed 100% of the rollout in eleven days.

The Client:
Upon completion of the project, Iprole submitted a complete project binder with a photo gallery of each store, original sign-off's, and final invoice. The client gave us a call to tell us that they reviewed the entire project over a five-hour period and had no questions.


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